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The Nickels Cartoon
The Nickels
Money in da hood yall..
Adventures of Bucker Cartoon
This dude needs some serious help.

Chicken Shoot Cartoon
Chicken Shoot
I think something is wrong with this chicken.

Spud IMPACT Cartoon
How will you respond when the end is near?

Urban Smoke Cartoon
Urban Smoke
Somewhere, deep in the heart of the US.

The Flea Film
The Flea
You don't want this flea jumping in your ear.
The Fuzz Film
The Fuzz
Ghetto Pirate and The Spud production.
What's Happening Film
What's Happening
Ghetto Pirate 24 hour-produced film.
Zombies R Us Film
Zombies R Us
Need a zombie for the special occasion?
WARNING: Watch at your own risk!!! The following cartoons may cause vomiting, and are not for those with weak stomachs. Please keep in mind though, that these are only cartoons and they are designed for the sick and twisted lovers.

The Nickels Cartoon
Homely Ho
Money in da hood yall..

Adventures of Bucker Cartoon
Santa's List
He knows who's been nice and naughty

Adventures of Bucker Cartoon
The Heads
Heads will be heads.